Property – FAQ


What is Comprehensive Coverage?


What is Coverage A – Dwelling Building?


What is Coverage B – Detached Private Structures?


What is Coverage C – Personal Property?


What is Coverage D – Additional Living Expenses?


What is Coverage E – Legal Liability?


What is Coverage F – Voluntary Medical Payments?


What is Coverage G – Voluntary Payments for Damage to Property?


What does Scheduled Property on your policy mean?


What does Guaranteed Replacement Cost on Dwelling Building mean?


What options are available for payments for your insurance policy?


What is Overland Water or Ground Water Protection?


What is Sewer Back Up Coverage?


What is Building Bylaw Endorsement?


What is Identity Theft Endorsement?


Why a wood stove questionnaire?


What is a Home Based Business endorsement?


What is “Umbrella Coverage”?



What does Unit Additional Protection cover?


What is Common Elements Loss Assessment?


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Did you know that rental income protection (for an insured loss) is an option available for your rental properties?