Customer Service Award

Customer Service Award

Riverstone Insurance was presented the Customer Service Award at the Canmore Business & Tourism Gala by the Alberta Treasury Branch on September 21, 2015.

The following is the submission for nomination by
ProStar Restorations’ Jodi Scarlett.

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September 11, 2015

Re: Riverstone Insurance Nomination for Customer Service Award
On Saturday, June 27, the morning after the gas line explosion rocked the town of Canmore, I received a call from Vicki Young of Riverstone Insurance asking for support in assisting her clients recover from the damage to their properties.

I arrived in Canmore to find Vicki, as well as her office manager, Kate, in the office bright and early on Saturday morning. They had pulled a list of every insured in their database within a 3-block radius of the explosion. By early morning they had already contacted each client by phone to inquire about the impact of the explosion and their needs. Claims were opened the same day and the insurance process was rolling.

Vicki then proceeded to personally visit each impacted property owner. She was friendly and helpful, making sure that each client’s immediate needs were triaged. This ranged from helping one client, whose garage door wouldn’t open after the blast, to ensuring that clients who were close to the blast site had been able to secure emergency accommodations.

The service did not end here. Vicki visited the town officials who had a triage site set up outside the Seniors’ Center and helped provide water to residents, volunteers and town officials.

When the triage site opened, Vicki was right there and made sure that all home owners (many of whom were not even her insureds) knew about additional items they needed, such as boxes and checklists of emergency supplies, before leaving their properties for alternate accommodation.

Vicki worked tirelessly all weekend helping out however she could. She performed all kinds of tasks—from helping her insureds pack boxes of belongings they needed to using her firearms license to safety transport some of her clients’ firearms. Her presence on site provided so many people comfort in knowing their insurance brokerage actually had a live person present on site who was responding to their needs and making sure things would move forward smoothly.

After the immediate needs died down, Vicki continued to go above and beyond on the service front. One client who was displaced from her home had been growing large elaborate planters in her yard for months before to the explosion, in preparation for her son’s wedding they were planning to host in the backyard. The client was devastated that her planters might die not being attended to at the property during the upcoming months of clean-up and repairs. After learning of the situation, Vicki made emergency calls to the insurer and arranged coverage to have the planters transported to an alternate location at a friend’s property where they could be cared for over the balance of the summer. When the client was unavailable to meet the truck for the flower delivery, Vicki left her office and met the truck to ensure the flowers arrived safely.

Vicki has followed up each week since the explosion personally to ensure that appropriate progress is being made on her insureds’ repairs and to ensure the insurance process is moving along smoothly.

I have worked in the insurance restoration business for 14 years now, and in my time, I have never seen an insurance broker so involved in servicing her clients in an emergency situation. From opening her office on weekend hours, to contacting clients to inquiring on the need for a claim before even receiving a call, to personally helping on the emergency site, to ongoing follow up on meaningful details after the event, Vicki has truly gone above and beyond.

I hope you will consider her for this award for which I believe she is most deserving!


Jody Scarlett – President
ProStar Cleaning and Restorations Inc.