Property Insurance

Insurance for Commercial Property and Earnings

Protecting your assets or earnings should be considered in the event of a loss that destroys part or all of your business premises or assets. Property Insurance can be part or all of the following:

Property Coverage – Buildings owned by your business in the event of destruction or damage due to things like fire and other perils.

Contents Coverage – Assets stored on your business premises. If you are leasing space for your business, the owner of the property probably has property insurance, but you are likely responsible for your own contents coverage. If you run your business out of your home, you will likely need separate contents insurance for your business assets.

Business interruption Coverage – If you need to shut down your business temporarily due to a fire or other peril, business interruption insurance covers your loss of earnings until you are back in business. Limits may apply.

Vehicle insurance – Vehicles that your business owns needs custom coverage for the type of business you operate.

Your Riverstone broker can advise you on best coverage for your event that will give you peace of mind.

Get the protection that’s customized specifically for you.

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Consider cyber liability if you are in a position to be a target of a data breach or have sensitive data worth protecting.